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Optimized creation process – no need for InDesign, Flash or other tools. All you need to create designs, manage content and update publications is Silverflip.

  • Autogenerates HTML5 version fully iPad, iPhone, Android & Windows Phone 7 compliant.
  • Create stunning publications directly in Silverflip - no need for InDesign.
  • Full build-in CMS – manage content directly in publication.
  • Add animations and effects to your publication without any scripting or programming. As easy as using Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Distribute offline versions of your e-publication.

Wallmans cover
OdenseKommune cover
Partyboks Denmark
Partyboks Denmark cover Catalogue Catalogue cover
Itella cover
Wunderwear e-magazine
Wunderwear e-magazine cover
LEGO DK cover
Comendo Brochure
Comendo Brochure cover
Hesalight cover

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